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Re-roofing (Retrofitting) Metal Roofs in Fort Myers

Roofs do not last forever and at some point, you will have to worry about more than just some repairs and often maintenance. In those cases, replacing the roof is what most people think about and consider right away. After all, what would you do when your roof is quite old or damaged a lot? Would you keep it until it falls apart? We don’t think so.

However, depending on the material of your roof and the specific system, you can have other options that save you the time and money of having to remove the roof and get rid of the dirt and debris. Metal roofs are quite an innovation in this and the main reason why people are starting to choose it even for the residential property lies in the possibility of skipping replacement for decades. First, let’s talk a bit about metal roofs overall.

The benefits of installing one are longevity, durability, and style. Unlike what most people believe, they can last for over 60 years and in the case of zinc—one of the possible materials for those systems—, it can last for even 100. All this without having to deal with many repairs unless there is some critical damage from external sources. And maintenance is performed every two or even three years.

Everything depends on how the roof handles the weather and how much damage it has received. Overall, you can say metal roofs offer more compared to other roofing systems since they last longer and people do not have to worry about common cracks and splits, neither huge holes that leave a lot of dirt in the process. Now, when you jump from this to a situation where the metal roof is old and needs to get something done in order to provide more years of use, things are better than other systems as well.

First, you can go for the re-roofing option, which consists of installing new panels and additions to preserve the metal roof and add more years. No, this is not the same as replacing it with a new similar one since this process is more about treating the most damaged and the oldest areas of the roof. This helps property owners to save a lot of money and stop worrying about a replacement for at least another decade. This option is not usually suitable for other roofing systems since clay, concrete, and even slate need to get replaced and the old material cannot be recycled or used.

If you consider all this so far, you definitely cannot complain about metal roofs. That being said, what happens when re-roofing is not an option? Do you have to go for a replacement instead? You still have the possibility of going for retrofitting. This service is quite similar to re-roofing and many people tell to call them the same.

After all, it is about adding another element that can help to the same purpose of re-roofing. But instead of going for panels or new metal pieces, metal huggers are put to use. They are very similar to a grid and the role they have in the roof is to support the current structure. You can say you are adding an extra layer of material to make sure it resists all the damage and weather for the next several years.

The difference between re-roofing and retrofitting is a bit more obvious than this: they aim for different methods at the end of the day. Using metal huggers is not considered to be re-roofing, and if you are thinking about re-roofing another roofing system with metal options, this is also possible. Our company Florida Metal Roofers of Fort Myers can help you with any need and project you have around this service. Although our service focuses on re-roofing metal roofs only or going for the retrofitting option, we can make an exception.

Metal roofs can be installed over other roofing systems, which is why many people decide to install it when going for a different style but do not want to handle removal projects. Based on this, it is possible to re-roof another system using the metal options available. It will not be the same as dealing with an old or original metal roof, but it is quite similar to installing a new one. Of course, the process is different and we cannot call it completely a service in this matter since other companies focused on the specific roofing system you have installed could help you with it. But only if they also know about metal roofs in general.

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How to get re-roof or retrofit started?

To determine if they are necessary or possible in the first place, inspections are always required before anything else. If you are going for either of them, this means your roof is quite damaged or old, and both situations represent dangerous tasks and steps for our contractors. Now, it is also important to know the real status of the roof in order to determine how much needs to be done and how we are going to handle the project.

Some people end up spending a fortune before even starting the project just because they did not want professionals to perform an inspection or maybe the contractors did not offer it. Well, with us you will have well-prepared and experienced professionals who will not work until they are completely sure about your needs and what must be done. Therefore, expect us to handle all the process and take care of the inspection.

If you are worried about paying for it and end up postponing the project, don’t worry. We work with a free inspection in any city and town in Lee County, which means you do not have to think about this expense. Just keep in mind with can conduct them only when scheduled and you will need to call us to request the service. We are always available and ready to start, so this should not be a problem.

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